Cattlemen's huts

Dinner Plain, Cattlemen's Huts

The romance of the Australia's Colonial Hertiage in the High Country rests with the Cattlemen and their huts...

Discover the Cattlemen's Huts of Dinner Plain – steeped with history of forgotten years. If their walls could talk they could share their tales of a bygone era. The Cattlemen's Huts have played an important role in Australia's European history. Throughout the Alpine National Park literally hundreds of huts once existed, used for cattle graziers, shelters for travellers and refuges for the pioneer skiers. The majority of huts and buildings have long since perished through fire and the wearing elements of weather.

CRB Hut is located on the northern side of the Great Alpine Road, across from the main entrance to the village. CRB Hut was built between 1923 -1925 and is known to have survived the Black Friday fires in 1939. The hut is protected by a heritage order. This hut is of similar construction to Boggy Creek Hut and was used for Patrolmen.

JB Hut
JB Hut is located on JB Plain, just 2km west of Dinner Plain on the Great Alpine Road.

The hut is believed to have been built in the 1940’s in the Swift Creek area for forestry use and was relocated to JB Plain in the 1970’s by Cobungra Station and Bairnsdale Scout Group. This hut us built with vertical weatherboards, has an iron roof and large stone fireplace. The enclosed front veranda has a wood storage area with a kitchen sink. There are several wooden bunks located in the living area. A water tank and "long" drop toilet are located outside of the hut.

JB Plain is a recognised Parks Victoria camping ground. It is also the starting point for the walking trail to Mt Tabletop and is adjacent to the Mount Hotham to Dinner Pain cross country ski trail.

Boggy Creek Hut
Boggy Creek Hut is another CRB Hut built between 1923 and 1925 and is located 6km along the Great Alpine Road heading towards Omeo. This Hut is identical construction as CBR Hut although has not fared as well as other huts. It has corrugated iron walls and roof which is unlined.

Wire Plain Hut
Mr Billy Howard, a mountain cattleman from the Ovens district built this hut in 1962.

Part of the hut was prefabricated and brought in by truck and the back of the hut was built on site to house saddles and a water tank. The living area of this hut is carpeted and the kitchen boosts a four gas stove - quite luxurious by all accounts. A memorial to Bill Howard who dies in 1978 was erected by fellow cattleman 50 meters west of the hut.

Silver Brumby Hut
The Silver Brumby Hut at Hotham was built as a set prop for the movie “The Silver Brumby” in 1993. The hut was rebuilt in 2008. The hut was built by staff from Cobungra Station, using materials salvaged from other huts that had fallen into an unrepairable state. The hut is of slab wall construction, with a gabled iron roof and an external iron clad, pole framed chimney.

Hut information supplied courtesy of 'Victoria's Alpine Heritage Huts of the High Plains' by Fiona Magnussen.

Visiting the Huts
Enjoy visiting the huts but please do not use them as overnight accommodation;

  • Huts are for temporary refuge only
  • Leave the hut clean and secure

If you must use the fireplace, check that the fire is out and close the door and windows securely

Don't leave emergency food stores in the hut as they clutter up the hut and encourage rats.

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