Carmichael Falls Walk

Dinner Plain Track, Dinner Plain, VIC, 3898MAP

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Hidden waterfalls just a stones throw away

Just a stones throw from your accommodation are a lovely set of waterfalls hidden in a tranquil gully. Heading off from the Dinner Plain Track on the southern border of Dinner Plain village, this clearly marked trail within the Alpine National Park descends into snow gum forest. Don’t miss an offshoot to the trail about half way down that peeps into a small waterfall before continuing to the bottom where you will find a viewing platform overlooking the picturesque Carmichael Falls.

Dropping 25 metres over basalt cliffs, the falls are in the headwaters of Precipice Creek and the Dargo River, which are among the many waterways feeding the major catchments arising at the Dinner Plain plateau. The actual falls are in fact two falls side by side at the confluence of the Precipice and Dinner Plain Creeks which rise in the alpine bogs of the Dinner Plain Village.

The trail ends at the viewing platform, but adventurous hikers may be tempted to scramble down to the base of the waterfall along an unmarked route. This terrain is on uneven ground with many unstable objects and long grass along the way and should only be attempted by experienced and confident hikers with an ability to navigate in unmarked territory. Please also be careful near the base of the waterfall, which may be slippery.