Dinner Plain is the home of fast-paced family fun in season 2022. Every afternoon on school holidays and weekends, tobogganing will be the star attraction on Dinner Plain’s Cobungra Platter Slope. At around 100m long, this is the biggest and longest toboggan slope in Australia!

We’ve invested in the fun, not just to offer the biggest tobogganing around, but the best too. With full snowmaking and grooming, we’ll be keeping the slope looking pristine as deep into the season as possible.

Tobogganing is completely free for walk-up access with no booking. To keep things safe, you will need to stay within our boundary and snowcraft guidelines.


The Cobungra Flat slope is open for Tobogganing from 1:30am to 4:30pm daily throughout the snow season. to ensure safety, the slope is a managed activity and patrons need to adhere to usage and craft requirements. Peashooter Slope is open every day*

Times - 1:30pm to 4:30pm daily in school holidays and on weekends*

Location -  Cobungra Platter Slope, Peashooter Slope Scrubbers End

Cost -  Free

Car Parking & Toilets -  Alongside bottom of slope

Toboggan Hire -  Cafe Play, Hoys Skis, The Alpine Life

*Snow conditions dependent



Tobogganing in 2022 is a supervised activity. The below requirements will be enforced at all times to ensure the safety of patrons.

Permitted Areas and Times

  • Tobogganing is permitted in the managed Cobungra Platter zone and unmanaged Peashooter Slope
  • Cobungra Platter Tobogganing Zone is available for use during operating hours only
  • Use of the area is prohibited outside hours
  • Patrons are only permitted to walk up the designated area and use only approved equipment
  • Skis and snowboards are not permitted during toboggan times


*Visitor details will be retained by Alpine Shire Council for the sole use of contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 case at Dinner Plain. Your details will not be shared or sold.

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Approved tobogans - addition for General Info Sign


To ensure appropriate social distancing and the overall safety of patrons, controls will be in place around the type of toboggan craft and behaviour permitted.

Only moulded plastic toboggans weighing less than 2kg with no pointed ends will be permitted. No skis, snowboards, wooden, metal or inflatable craft will be permitted.

Please keep 1.5 metres space from the next person and follow the instructions of operating staff at all times