Dog's in Dinner Plain

A place your dog can play in the snow!

It's hard to find a place in Australia to take your dog to play in the snow, but not at Dinner Plain! Our village is the only freehold land in the country to sit above the snow line. However, as our village doesn't have any fences and is surrounded by the Alpine National Park, we do have a few rules.

Firstly, your pooch much be registered with your own local Council.

Because we don't have fences, you will need to keep your dog on a leash in public. However, there is an off-leash area down near the treatment ponds and, in winter when the tennis courts aren't being used for tennis, you can let your dog stretch its legs within this fenced area.

The Dinner Plain village dog off-lead area at ‘Apian Way’ is currently on-lead due to the weekend’s Dinner Plain Sled Dog Challenge.

This change is effective immediately until Monday, 12 August.

There is still an off-lead area available at the Tennis Courts near DP Hut.

Quite a few houses in Dinner Plain are pet friendly. You can find out more about pet friendly accommodation by contacting our Dog Friendly properties

Please enjoy the extensive walking trail around Dinner Plain village with your dog, but refrain from entering the Alpine National Park.

Enjoy your stay!