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In the current State of Emergency, a great deal of consideration has been given to public facilities at Dinner Plain, particularly the DP Bike Park and its mountain bike trails.

Mountain Biking is an activity that offers a level of recreation that can be undertaken in isolation, it can also be done with minimal risk to increasing the spread of infection of COVID-19. It is our intention to maintain this recreation option for those within the village and keep the trails open to ride. To do so requires some ground rules that must be adhered to by all users of the park.

 Dinner Plain Bike Park, its trails and pump track remain open for public use with the below requirements around social distancing and responsible use. These requirements have been formulated in accordance with both Stage 3 restrictions and MTBA guidelines. They may be subject to change at any time and with little notice.

  • Individual riders only, no group rides
    This might seem harsh, but it is important. Single riders only are allowed on both the MTB trails and Pump Track (except in the case you are riding with people from your own household). Droplets can hang in the air longer than you expect and following somebody down singletrack puts you in the firing line if someone ahead coughs or sneezes. Remember, you and your mates can be infected without showing any symptoms. MTBA advises single riders only and we have made it policy.
  • No Club Rides, Coaching Clinics or congregating at trail-heads
    The same as above, all use of the bike park and its trails are for individual use. This is not the time for group activities or clinics. Ride the trails alone or not at all.
  • Pump Track use for individual riders only
    One rider on the track at any time and no groups of 2 or more people congregating alongside, unless from the same household. Be mindful of other people wanting to use the track and time your run appropriately.

  • Public facilities are off-limits
    We’re closing off public facilities like pumps, repair stations and bottle points. We have no resources to sanitise these and ensure their cleanliness so these will be temporarily removed or blocked from the public.
  • Be sensible
    Treat all public surfaces as if they could hold infection. Don’t ever share water bottles. Wash your hands, keep your distance and when you’ve finished your ride, go home. The better we all respect the situation and lead by example, the sooner we can get beyond this crisis together.

Dinner Plain MTB Trail Map

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Trail dogs, Dinner Plain Dogs, DP trail dogs, all the MTB trails in Dinner Plain are named after local dogs, well because they really love them more than us.

Kenny's -

Distance: 400m

Description: Old school, fall line, rocks, roots fast and fun. Kenny's is short and sharp like when your handle bars were small. It gives you access to Moby's and Jabba Wookie.

Ferg's -

Distance: 600m

Description: A twisty descent with some nice hits into flowing trail winding through the snowgums leading to Moby's and Jabba Wookie.

Moby's - Old Dog, New Tricks

Distance: 1.3km

Description: Moby's is the old flow dog, with some brand new sections of rollers, hits and berms that carries you to the lowest point in the network and across the Vic Creek Bridge.

Jabba Wookie

Distance: 1.2km

Description: Jabba Wookie the two headed beast, it can catch you out with its cruise up and then around the corner and drop you into the rocks, hit the ninja dingo berm and then a fast descent to join Moby's and across the bridge.

Sir Jax Pump A Lot

Distance: 1.8km

Description: Do you pump? I pump and this trail pumps. Rollers, berms, rocks, rollers, bridges, rollers, a table top and a fine finish, with a hint of berries and citrus.

Shut Up Ollie -

Distance: 1.8km

Description: This one has a lot going on and rewards you for keeping off the brakes and being smooth. It flows down along a contour and has a finish to put a smile on your face...go big.

Escape Chester -

Distance: 1.6km

Description: Tight, twisty then run straight up the hill, that's Chester the dog or Chester the trail. It's the climb from the lowest point at the Vic Creek Bridge up to Kanga-Waala-Fox, the climbing trail.

Kanga-Waala-Fox -

Distance: 1.1km

Description: Curvy switchbacks and a pleasure to climb (did I say that?). A casual climb up through the gums from the bottom of Sir Jax's and Ollie's to join Appian Way and back to do it all again.

Appian Way -

Distance: 1.4km

Description: What to say, it's an old road, fast easy, wide and the way back to the descending trails.

Baxters Run -

Distance: 400m

Description: A nice run through the snowgums, if you are just stepping out or on the balance bike, "it's my first single track".

Brabraulung (Hotham-DP) Trail -

Distance: 26km

Description: This is the gravel grind, from Dinner Plain to Hotham, via JB Hut, it has a couple of pinches and can make you puff both directions.

Fitzy's Cirque -

Distance: 1.2km

Description: A cruise, learn or link trail, it's wide, level and not far from anything, which of course could be said of most of Dinner Plain.

Collectors Cirque -

Distance: 800m

Description: A cruise, learn or link trail, it's wide, level and not far from anything, which of course could be said of most of Dinner Plain.

Precipice Plain, DP track -

Distance: 9km

Description: A 4WD track to big mountain views, not tech but can be bumpy and downhill all the way, well, except the return of course.