Road Cycling in the High Country 

Dinner Plain Victoria

Take the ultimate challenge and conquer the climbs on the Great Alpine Road The highest bitumen road in Australia is a great place for incredibly scenic road cycling sessions in summer, particularly for those competitive riders who would like to improve their performance with a little altitude training.

A simple undulating ride between Dinner Plain and Hotham - 24km return - is a great way to escape the everyday with some stunning views along the way.

Looking for the ultimate climb? The Great Alpine Road is the scene of two of the most challenging climbs in the country, letting you tick two boxes on your 7 Peaks Cycling passport. Start at the base of the mountain in Harrietville and make your way up to Dinner Plain; or use the other side of the mountain and take the long, but less steep grade from Omeo to Dinner Plain.

The masochists among you may be interested in the 3 Peaks route: a 234km killer circuit from Dinner Plain to Omeo, over to Falls Creek, Harrietville and back up Hotham. This ride is not for the faint hearted!

Base yourself in Dinner Plain to test yourself on both sides of the mountain!