Scrubbers End Dinner Plain VIC

Affordable family fun on the Pea Shooter Toboggan Run

  Dinner Plain's Pea Shooter Toboggan Slope is free to use in winter, and with no resort entry to get into Dinner Plain, it's the perfect affordable family day out in the snow.

Bring your own toboggan, or hire one from most of the ski hire shops in the village.

Please check snow conditions on the day to see whether the toboggan slope is open. The status is updated each day on the Dinner Plain Snow Report page. For safety reasons, tobogganing is not permitted on the Cobungra Platter Ski Slope.

Pea Shooter is located east of the Cobungra Platter Ski Slope near the depot on Scrubbers End. Parking, toilets and a cafe are available at the Scrubbers End car park.

Conditions of use

Please note, while tobogganing is fun, it can nonetheless cause injury like any outdoor activity. Use of the toboggan slope is at your own risk. We ask that you follow these conditions when using the slope to reduce the chance of injury to yourself and others:

  • All children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Always obey signage and do not use the slope when it is Closed
  • Only moulded plastic toboggans weighing less than 2.5kg are permitted on the slope
  • Toboggans must be free of sharp edges or broken parts
  • Do not use boxes, skis, snow bikes or any other device
  • Do not stand up while tobogganing
  • Always maintain control of your toboggan and steer to avoid contact with others
  • Keep to the side of the slope to walk to the top
  • Toboggan only within the designated area
  • Be aware of others around you and wait until the coast is clear before you start sliding
  • Move to the side of the slope as soon as you have finished your ride
  • Only one person per toboggan (parents with toddlers under age 5 may share a suitably sized toboggan)
  • When undertaking this activity it is strongly recommended that participants wear protective equipment (including a helmet and enclosed shoes).
  • Do not form toboggan trains (linking people on other toboggans)

Thank you for keeping Pea Shooter a safe and fun place for everyone!