Winter Activities and the use of Tracks and Trails:

With so many visitors in Dinner Plain over Winter, and so many great options for outdoor activities it’s important that everyone is considerate and heeds the trail signs. It is important that visitors are aware that there are designated trails for xc skiing and that Dinner Plain borders the Alpine National Park. 

There are free trails maps available from the DP Hut and most trail heads do have signs advising which activities are allowed. If you are not sure, please ask a local and check the signs at the start of trails. 

Below is a guide to areas for each activity: 

Walking and Jogging – Fitzy’s and the Collectors Cirques are multi-purpose trails, (these are the trails that encircle the village). 

Winter Hiking and Snow Shoeing – All of the DP walking trails and the Mountain Bike Trails can be used for hiking and snowshoeing during Winter when the snow conditions are right. You do need to be suitably dressed and be prepared to retrace your steps if you lose the trail in deep snow. The walks starting from across the highway from the village are all beautiful in Winter. Try: the Montane Loop for a short walk or Room with a View and Dead Timber Hill for longer excursions. You can also walk along the Dinner Plain 4WD track towards Precipice Plain. 

XC Skiing – The Brabralung Trail and the trails to the east of the village are dedicated xc ski trails. These trails are groomed when snow conditions allow and should not be walked on. If you are snowshoeing, stay to the very outer edges of the trails. Deep foot prints cause the snow to melt more quickly and make the trail dangerous for skiers. 

Tobogganing – The Peashooter Run is a dedicated tobogganing area and is the only area within Dinner Plain where toboggans should be used. 

Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding – The Cobungra Platter is a perfect area for beginner skiers and snowboarders. 

Snow Play – The best areas to enjoy playing in the snow are near the village entrance inside the round-about or amongst the trees near the DP Hut. 

Dog Walking – Remember that dogs must be on-leash at all times and that you cannot not take dogs into the Alpine National Park which borders Dinner Plain. You cannot walk dogs on the Brabralung Trail or on the xc ski trails.

DP Onsen and Mountain Wellness

Mountain Wellness Co, is operating our of the Dinner Plain Onsen, located on Big Muster Drive is here to help people unplug and recharge, offering a variety of spa treatments, massage, yoga and guided meditation.  Spoil yourself, or take the time to get rid of any niggles before another day in our winter playground.

Open daily 10am-8pm during Winter only.